Elements of Harmony

From the get-go, I want SOE to have a balance that makes it feel more like a “real” MTG set.  I studied a lot of the Core sets to understand how balance works with colors, who has the most of what type of spell, etc.  Obviously there’s going to be differences, but keeping with the Golden Rules, the goal will be to have a balanced, playable set that still keeps the spirit of the show!

As always, this is subject to change as I get closer to completion, but here are a few initial thoughts about where the set will offer “balance” no matter what color/colors you play:

1. To work as a realistic set, a portion of the cards (I would say 10-15%) will actually be re-skins of existing cards from recent Core or Expansion sets.  Some of the more obvious ones are necessary just the the sake of a playable set: Shock, Llanowar Elves, Counter spells, Unsummon, etc.  Some cards will keep their old names and some will be rewritten: that’s where the fun of what makes it feel most Pony-like will be.

2. Naturally, most players want to use the Mane in their decks. Figuring out how to give six ponies a fairer balance across five colors was one of the first issues I wanted to deal with. It’ll be explained in a future post.

3. There will be a few “cycles” or near-cycles of cards. Cycles are what are often called a set of cards, each a different color, that offer similar effects or creature effectiveness.  The first one I’m toying with is the Wonderbolts.  I’m also considering a 10-card cycle that incorporates each of the ten 2-color combinations.

4. The artifacts granting 1 life for a particular color will all be in the game.

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