Note: As of September 25, 2012, Shards of Equestria’s print files have been taken offline due to a legal objection from Hasbro. Thank you for your support of the set and the project; however the cards are no longer available on this site and while we are aware copies exist in other avenues of the Internet, we cannot respond to any requests for them or suggest alternate means of getting them here. Thanks for all your love and support guys!


Don’t want to deal with ANY of this? Check out these PDFs of pre-made 60-card decks for a quicker understanding of how a game is played.

Ready to download SoE? We’ve prepared a bunch of files for the most likely ways you’ll try to play. You may need to right-click and select “save as” instead of just clicking to download. All versions also include a “Cardback.jpg” for final touches!

Home Printing

Card Files: first off, you’ll need the cards themselves. The “Home Printing” sized cards are pre-sized at the exact dimensions of a Magic: The Gathering card, at a high print resolution of 200 DPI. The long and short of it is, all you need to do to print at home is drag and drop them onto the template of choice. Please note: no two printers are exactly the same. This method is designed for the “cheap n’ dirty” method of printing, where you can cut the cards with scissors or a slicer and either play on cardstock or slip them into sleeves. Because of the variances in printers and margins there may be differences in centering and whitespace. The grids may not end up perfectly symmetrical, so use your judgment when cutting!

Print Templates

The Best Method: Adobe InDesign. Our InDesign template works for CS3 and above, and comes pre-set with multiple pages of empty gridlines. Just drag and drop, export to PDF and print away or take to your local copy center.

The Next Best Method: Adobe PhotoShop. We’ve created a PhotoShop file with 3×3 gridlines. You’ll need to do a little extra because it’s only a single page, but there you go.

The Last Best Possible Hope: Microsoft Word. Unfortunately, Word is horrific with margins, so you’ll be using a 2×4 grid instead of a 3×3, so a few more pages to print per deck. You may also have to do a little tweaking on your end depending on your version of Word (we’ve tested it for 2007 on Windows and beyond) That said, the Word template is prepped and ready to drag and drop your cards and print away. (Note: You may need to turn on the “View Gridlines” option depending on your version of Word to see the guides)

Low-res web images

This is the format most usable for people who want to share images online or import them to any online MTG systems. Basically, it’s all the images from the Cards galleries in one big ZIP file.

Professional Printing

For anyone who wants to spend the extra time and money to get their cards professionally printed, the master export files are available below. Please note that these are not tested for any particular printer or company; just as each home printer may vary, so may your choice of professional printer. Your results may vary.

“Hi-res Originals” is the original files without any resizing or alteration. You can tweak them in Photoshop however you like.

Several popular online card printing companies require your images to have a “bleed” on images. This is basically a larger border around the side of the card. For those companies “Hi-res Originals with Borders” is the recommended format.